Mar 15, 2014

How can artists best market themselves?

An artist who has no marketing ability is better served by focusing even more on what the excel at, rather than learning a secondary skill. Given enough time, the artist's own passion for the art will become obvious and turn into its own form of marketing.

Such is a theory I've come up with and am going to experiment on. Marketing has always been something that has eluded me. In fact, I sometimes feel utterly confused and frustrated when I try to come up with how to get my work out there for people to see.

What works to get attention? I'll tell you two things: It is absolutely not numbers, and it is absolutely not shameless plugging.

At the time of writing this, I have 3,200 Facebook friends and 13,500 Twitter followers. Every time I post a link to either area, I'll get a few likes or click-throughs. Nothing huge. So sheer numbers don't work...

I'm excited about my work every time, but it's difficult to convey genuine excitement without sounding like a shill. So shameless plugging don't work...

What works to market an artist? Funny enough, most artists aren't good at marketing. If they were they'd be in business management or advertising rather than putting their ideas into some form of media.

It's at this point many marketers would suggest learning a bit of marketing. Learn about ads, social response patterns, engineering of trends, and how to create viral hits. Except, few marketing experts even know how to do this, let alone some artist who picks up a secondary skill set in the craft.

What is an artist to do? They should do what they know, of course! That's more artistry! Produce more art, put it out there, and let it speak for itself. Rather than wasting energy into marketing, the artist can devote their energy to art that will catch the attention of someone out there.

Like I said, it's a theory.

I have some evidence to suggest this works. Since this past October, I've been photographing local high school sports when I get a chance. People seem to love the shots (more on artists and response in another post) and I'm getting attention for my photography that way. People watch my Facebook timeline more actively now, and I've had numerous requests to shoot other projects, like minor league football, events, and portraits.

The photographic response has been so good that I'm on the verge of creating a business in order to start serving the market. And that was all from just getting out to games and taking photos for athletes and parents as a volunteer. The response has been massively better than when I'd post a shot to my wall and shill for my fashion or portrait shooting abilities.

No matter how many people you have paying attention, they don't want to see shilling. They want to see skill in action, and a passion for that art.

So here I go, continuing the experiment to test the theory. I'm going to devote more energy into photography and writing. Someone will notice. Someone will like it. At least in theory.

Wish me luck. And feel free to copy!

Mar 8, 2014

Paladin 13. New book, new era!

The time of release for a new novel is always and exciting time for me! Paladin 13 launched this week, and sales are going good. Even more thrilling for me is the fact that I have two fiction projects coming out at the same time.

The Paladin 13 novel is underway as a serialized project. At least one chapter will release per week until the entire story has been told. Along the way, readers can follow regular installments as a girl named Nicole journeys into the frozen world of Midrel to rescue her lost friend, Freya, before having to battle the very people who should be interested in saving Freya, too. This is an exciting young adult fantasy novel that will take readers on a thrilling journey, where Nicole will have to question the value and stability of a human soul.

At the same time, a new short story series, You Are (not) Remembered, will come out this upcoming week, and will follow the same schedule of at least one installment per week. The world of Midrel is vast and this series explores details of history and society as a companion storyline to that of Paladin 13. In fact, with it's exploration of Freya's journey into Midrel on the eve of the Tyrant's War, You Are (not) Remembered can be considered a prequel to Paladin 13.

With sales already going strong, I recommend readers check back here for more updates. Until then, please join me in a cheer for a good launch week!

Mar 2, 2014

Fiction Coming Soon

I haven't had much time to blog lately, as I've been doing a lot of writing. That means a slew of fiction is on the way. Progress is going well on a serial novel, as well as the short story series meant to accompany it. I also have plans in the works for a web comic.

Stay tuned, as a lot of great reading is just around the corner!

Jan 7, 2014

RETCON underway...

Everything is vanishing from this site, as if a retcon is underway. It turns out, that is exactly the case.

A lot of content is getting wiped. Even this update will soon be wiped. I have a few creative ideas for a new direction on this blog.

See you in the retroactive continuity!

Nov 29, 2013

Lyrics to Dethklok's "Morte Lumina"

The 19th track off the Metalocalypse Doomstar Requiem rock opera album, "Morte Lumina" is the conclusion of the heroic journey. It is the final track from the animate opera, but not the final track on the soundtrack. Adding to the confusion, the end of the song samples from "Blazing Star," which is the actual final song of the soundtrack (but not the opera).